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Designing for Responsive? You need this!

So you are building a responsive design, checking it with your browser, your tablet and phone, everything looks great, then someone shows you the site on their device and elements look jacked up.  This happened to me recently with the … Continued

Managing Social Profiles? Optimize your images!

Saw this great article today on sprinklr about how to ensure the images you populate your social profiles with can be optimized to look their best, and hence your profile will look it’s best. Essentially it’s a cheat sheet for … Continued

state of internet 2012

Mary Meeker has a new State of the Internet slideshow she presented at Stanford on Dec 3rd.  It’s a great top down overview the trends in user adoption, device adoption and industry disruption.  If you are in the startup space, … Continued

updates coming soon

After a year of pleasant website building for everyone else, I’m finally taking some time to sort this site out.  Sorry for the look, it will get better 😉