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Pro Tip: Healthy Eyes for the Late Night Hustler

I’ve been playing around with something cool, it’s supposed to make my late night computer sessions more healthy for my eyes, and so far, I’d say it’s working.  Meet “F.lux”, a multi-platform app designed to make your computer monitor’s glow … Continued

National Acura Legend Meetup 2011

My auto-geek fan love is for the Acura Legend.  I have had 3 of these cars including my current 1994 GS Sedan that has almost 250,000 miles on the body itself.  This past weekend was the annual NALM, or National … Continued

ifttt.com something I never knew I needed

If you are interested in startups, then you will want to get hooked up with the private beta of ifttt.com.  ifttt stands for: “If this then that”  From their about page: ifttt puts the internet to work for you by … Continued

Bubbalon Art

Awesome Bubbalon art by Amanda Mauro click to see the full size version

the realtime human mosaic at 140Conf NYC

The topic here at 140conf NYC is “Exploring the State of Now” and the mix of speakers certainly embodies this. What do I mean? Well, the main thing that is becoming completely apparent to me as I sit in the … Continued